Mortise & Tenon Custom Furniture Store Los Angeles
A few fascinating facts about our custom furniture wood shop and retail establishments. We began Mortise & Tenon as somewhat of a whim while in between jobs in the grand and glorious Los Angeles movie industry. The adventure evolved into three stores serving Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach and Las Vegas along with our own custom furniture factory with wholesale divisions in San Francisco and High Point, North Carolina.

Now in our twenty first year, we've taken all our favorite pieces and created our fantasy store--everything we'd sell if our store was the size of a football field. We offer the same high quality products, custom wood and upholstery choices, and no nonsense customer service that our customers always receive at all our retail stores. We're confident in our ability to bring our boutique, custom quality to our on line division. Enjoy

A cool custom reclaimed wood kitchen Island we built for LDC interiors